All testing is carried out to relevant ISO and/or Pharmacopeial standards. For anything not listed please contact us and we will endeavour to help.

  • Environmental Monitoring.
  • Bioburden Testing.
  • Sterility Testing.
  • Water, Detergent and Fluid Testing.
  • Sterilisation Validations, including dose setting / auditing.
  • Justification for the use of 25kGy as a sterilising dose.
  • Colony Characterisation.
  • Set Warning and Action Limits for all testing and give advice regarding corrective actions.
  • Endotoxin Testing using an FDA approved kinetic chromogenic method.
  • Pharmaceutical Testing including Total Viable Counts, Absence of Specified Micro organisms and disinfectant testing to a number of ISO standards.
  • We are also able to offer on site Hygiene Awareness training to clean room personnel, and have developed a One day course designed to give a basic understanding of microbiological issues to managers, supervisors and other employees.
  • Tailored training packages to suit your needs available on request.
  • Accelerated ageing.
Environmental Monitoring

Including Particle Counts, Settle Plates,
Active Air samples, Contact Plates, and ...

Bioburden Testing

Testing single use and reusable medical
devices, water and detergents, to include ...

Endotoxin Testing

Medical devices and water
using PK Flex ...

Sterilisation Validation

Carried out within a designated laboratory
or clean room, by highly skilled technicians ...

Experimental Methods


Pharmaceutical Testing

TVC, absence of pathogens, preservative
efficacy, raw materials, environmental ...

Sterility Testing


Training & Consultancy

Telephone consultancy is free
of charge for all customers....